Charlotte Doula Team Birth Package

Signature Birth Package

Complimentary consultation

During this introductory meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know both doulas on our team, as well as ask questions about our experience and expertise.

24/7 availability via phone, email, or text

No matter how far along in your pregnancy, a doula is always available! From the moment we are hired, both of your doulas stay in close contact with you and collaborate as a team about any special challenges or questions you may have.

Two in-person prenatal meetings

During these visits, we’ll spend time learning your and your partner’s specific preferences for your birth, as well as offer education about birth options and comfort measures. Each doula will attend one meeting.

Access to educational and local resources

We want you to feel fully prepared for your birth experience. That is why we have curated a variety of educational and local resources to support your journey. These include a lending library of books and DVDs, the e-book Creating Your Birth Vision, educational handouts, links to useful articles and blog posts, and a list of local providers and businesses that we love.

Continuous labor support

The doula on call will provide physical and emotional support during all of labor, joining you either at home or at the hospital/birth center. Should your labor become very extended, the doula in attendance has the option of tag-teaming your other doula to ensure you have a well-rested and fresh doula by your side at all times.

Care during recovery

Includes support from your doula for the first 1-2 hours following birth and may consist of assistance with breastfeeding, amateur photography, and other little ways to help you settle comfortably into your postpartum time.

Postpartum visit

The doula in attendance at your birth will follow up with you at home. This is a wonderful opportunity to debrief your birth experience and discuss any postpartum questions you may have.

Signature Birth Package Price: $1,400
“A baby is born with a need to be loved—and never outgrows it.”
-Frank A. Clark